Distributed by Forte Distribution in the UK
Release Date : Friday 8th May ( UK = Monday 11th May)

Two very exclusive tracks on very limited vinyl.

EFFI BRIEST covering TELEPATHEs 'Chromes On It'
TELEPATHE remixing EFFI BRIESTs 'Mirror Rim'

Tracklisting :


"Meeting of the minds! Effi Briest and Telepathe link up to cover each other's songs for a super limited 7-inch for Skinny Wolves. Effie Briest turn Telepathe's "Chrome's On It" into a wide open heady psych jam, appropriating small bits from the original, while Telepathe take a few cues from living in New York and yelp out lyrics with so much conviction that you might believe they invented No Wave. Figure out how much your money is worth in pounds and then go here to grab the vinyl."

"very very limited 7 inch only release on the irish based skinny wolves label. the ep features a telepathe remix of the effi briest track mirror rim and then the flip side features effi briest covering the telepathe track chromes on it. both tracks are exclusive to this release. the telepathe remix is a perfectly throbbing piece of electro tinged punk funk with some lovely retro sounding synth sounds. effi briest dish up a beautifully delicate piece of psychedelic sounding pop with hints of the hypnotic vibes of the likes of animal collective fronted by a host of angelic female voices. may 2009"
Road Records -Single of the Week-

"Like any other good split, these bands are covering and remixing each other. Telepathe is remixing Effi Briest's 'Mirror Rim' while the big band is covering the duo's biggest hit 'Chrome's On It'. Both bands are using peculiar arty sounds in their inspired re-interpretations - in Effi Briest's remix for example, Telepathe add some groovy but severe bass lines while drawing catchy sounds from their most famous synth.

If all the so-called art bands approached music with a sound this unusual and at the same time as enjoyable as these two bands, maybe they'd start leaving art gallery soundtracks and actually start living off their music."



Effi Briest

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There's one thing we can say for sure about the six women of EFFI BRIEST: they stand in no one's shadow. The "Long Shadow" of their second single for Loog Records is most certainly the shadow that they cast, the one that lesser bands will be attempting to escape for a long time to come. It's a monster, people—a force ten gale careening into your listening space on one of the most propulsive beats this side of the late great Klaus Dinger (a motorik march?), annihilating everything in its path with sinister panache and a dive-bombing drum-exciter guitar solo that has to be heard to be believed. After such musical devastation, all that remains is for side B's "Phoenix" to rise from the proverbial ashes and blot out the dying sun with its fiery wingspan.

The band has been extremely busy in the last year or so working on a full-length while supporting their debut single for Loog, "MIRRORIM" b/w "The Newlyweds Song," whether on tour in California with Sunburned Hand of the Man, playing San Francisco's Mission Creek Festival or LA's Arthur Nights, acting as house band for New York's Deitch Projects, slaying crowds at the Roundhouse in London, the Festival for Les Inrockuptibles in Paris, or on opening night of the Brooklyn Academy of Music's Next Wave Festival. And the press has taken notice, with features appearing in the NME, Uncut, Fader, Plan B, Pitchfork, The Guardian, and The Village Voice, among others. It's safe to say there's a new girl in town. Her name is EFFI and she's taking over.

EFFI BRIEST is Kelsey Barrett (Vocals, Keyboard), Elizabeth Hart (Bass), Corinne Jones (Drums), Rebecca Squires, (Accordion, Clarinet) Sara Shaw (Guitar) and Jessica Stathos (Percussion).




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Melissa Livaudais and Busy Ganges make up the experimental pop girl duo Telepathe. They create avante garde ethereal music that transcends musical genres. You can’t put Telepathe into a category.

Their music explores territories of pop, hip-hop, shoegaze, electronic, and psychedelic music just to name a few. Listening to them feels like you’re in a lush dreamscape trapped between the sleeping world and waking reality. The girls started out in rock bands and slowly fused together making music that they deem futuristic, and like their NME review says their music “doesn’t sound like anything else that’s come before it.”.

Gangnes and Livaudais produce all of the music and sing on everything, playing their own muses and chanteuses.

Telepathe's full-length debut, 'Dance Mother', will be released on April 14th on IAMSOUND. 'Dance Mother' sees Melissa Livaudais and Busy Gangnes, the creative pairing at the heart of Telepathe, move away from the jam band aesthetic of their previous groups, and further develop the layered, synthetic sound they began exploring on their 'Social Registry EP', 'Farewell Forest'. Killer melodies, trance-inducing loops, drum-machine-driven experimentation, and Melissa and Busy's haunting vocal interplay are Telepathe’s hallmarks.

Access to their producer Dave Sitek's (TV on the Radio) vintage synthesizer collection, combined with deep electronic sub-bass lines influenced by hours of listening to dub-step, gave the duo's homemade music making a new sonic purity and gave them the confidence and the stylistic singularity to transcend genres. The stuttering hip hop beats of 'Chrome's On It', the funereal pop of 'Can't Stand It', the propulsive techno of 'Devil's Trident' and the dark, driving electro pop of 'So Fine' all link together by their staggering vocal melodies and intensely personal lyrics. Additionally, TV on the Radio's Kyp Malone and !!!'s Shannon Funchess provide guest vocals.

Finally completed in September 2008, after a period in which Telepathe have traveled to Europe, Australia and New Zealand based upon word of mouth alone, this long awaited full-length debut is a stunning achievement presenting dark but forward-thinking hybrid pop music for the next generation.

“Telepathe have managed to stir up the hearts, minds, and laptops of New York’s young music fanatics over the past year.” – Interview Magazine

“Brooklyn banshees with a brand new beat, Telepathe stand out from the NY district’s vacuum of avant-garde...[they] have a newfound focus as Hot 97 hip-hop and totemic drone experimentalism collide.” – Drowned in Sound

"Telepathe give us a glimpse of a pop future that confidently fuses kraut jams, urban beats and Gang Gang Dance-style rhythms into a hypnotic, droning whole. If this is the sound of what's to come, then we certainly have something to look forward to." - Drowned In Sound